Freelance writer who’s been creating online content for 14 years, most significantly through Yahoo! Contributor Network from 2007-2014. This included a two-year stint writing daily columns for Yahoo! Movies/TV, which brought some awards and mentions in major newspapers. Later, he briefly worked as a paid staff writer of movie news, reviews, and specialized pieces at The Movie Network.

Over the last eight years, he’s worked overtime as a professional content writer/ghostwriter for companies around the world. This occurs, in part, through BlogMutt (now Verblio) where he proudly has shares in the company. In December 2018, he began writing daily entertainment pieces for Showbiz Cheat Sheet, which ended in the fall of 2020.  He’s since gone back to writing for businesses full-time at Verblio and through private clients. The writer also creates periodic entertainment analysis and shares personal writing projects on this site.

Amid the private and public writing, the author still has fiction aspirations with novels, novelettes, and screenplays, while a once promising music career becomes a crazy side thought.


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